In addition to its investment plans, Forexent offers an added income plan via its advanced, five-level Affiliate Program. Every registered user in the PAMM System is automatically enrolled for our affiliate program. There is no deposit requirement for the affiliate program. To understand the affiliate plan, see below the graphical representation of this scheme: -

Afflication image

As you observed in the picture above, you will be paid 5% on all investment deposits made by the clients referred by you. Such clients are said to be your first level referrals..

In addition to this, we stretched out our affiliate program structure into four further levels, where your first level referrals can also have their first level referrals. In this scenario, if referred by you clients refer other clients, you will also earn additional 2% on their investment deposits as well. These clients are considered to be your second level referrals.

Similarly, you will earn another 1% on deposits of your level three referrals, you will also earn another 1% on deposits of your level four referrals, and you will also earn another 1% on deposits of your level five referrals.

Since, registration is free and all registered users automatically become part of this affiliation program, therefore, it is a perfect way to earn money without investing your own funds. To start earning money, all it takes is creating account in PAMM System and start making use of this affiliate program by referring clients in PAMM System.

Please note that we severely forbid the use of one’s own referral to create the investment account with the purpose of earning referral commissions on one’s own deposit. Such activity is considered to be an abuse of our affiliate program and as a result, all invested funds on self-referred accounts will be blocked.

If you are novel to the referrals marketing program, we greatly advise you to research and study the resources related to this topic and speak with reputable professionals about how you can rightfully encourage our program. Please keep in mind that anything you do to promote Forexent, may NOT involve any and all forms of “spam”. Any form of spam activity is strictly banned by Forexent, it may be reported to subsequent establishments and all commission earnings of the involved user will be forfeited.

Investment Return

  • 5% of total investment return on monthly basis
  • Profit calculated based on investment after monthly return
  • Investment recovery in 20 months
  • Applies to PAMM Plans only

Promotional Offer

  • Profit starts after 24 hours
  • Withdraw profit anytime
  • Applies to PAMM Plans only
  • Promotion expires 31-Dec-2016

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