Welcome to FOREXENT

Forexent is a financial consulting firm based on an instruction by experts having 17 years experience in the international financial market . Legal entity for a G44 Forexent International FZC, which is registered in the UAE in accordance with a license but 13056 .

We offer you the opportunity to invest in international financial markets with variety of financial trading options, rapid technical support and expected profit using our latest financial management services. Our business strategy focuses on strategically diversify to minimize risk so that everyone has a right to trade and profit even if the investment capital is $1.

As an Asset Manager of SWISSQUOTE BANK and Asset Manager of CF MERCHANTS LIMITED, Forexent offers financial consultancy and management in trading using SwissQuote or CF Merchants Limited. You can open your trading account in SwissQuote directly and we trade for you and yields you the expected profit in your trading account. Same is the case with CF MERCHANTS LIMITED where we offers you the expected profit.

If you want to earn an expected profit on your trading, you must choose one of the plans that best suits you. We hope you will join us and start a profitable life.

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